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If a tree that poses a threat grows on your site next to buildings or power lines, we will knock this tree down in the right direction, or cut it down in parts without damaging your site

Our services:

Cutting emergency trees, in whole or in parts
Tree crowning
Grubbing tree stumps
Clearing the site from trees and bushes
Removal of unnecessary residues

- If necessary, we can assist in obtaining a felling ticket

The company has been operating since 2008. The accumulated experience of our employees - qualified industrial climbers and the availability of professional equipment allow us to solve the most difficult tasks safely and efficiently.

Standard work order:
1. You call us by phone +7 (812) 603-47-11, describe the problem. We give advice and make an approximate estimate of the work
2. If the scope of work is large, our specialist will visit your site, take measurements and make a final estimate. This part of the work is free
3. Upon reaching an agreement, we conclude a contract and start work

We work with individuals and legal entities for cash and non-cash payments

Our prices will delight you
- Cut a tree - from 500 rubles / piece.
- Cutting a tree in parts - from 1500 rubles / piece.
- Land clearing - from 2000 rubles / weaving
- The minimum order amount is 8,000 rubles.

Clearing areas of trees and shrubs

What to consider when felling trees near the house

Felling vegetation, including large-sized ones, growing around houses is quite difficult. Such an event involves a special technology. The following factors may indicate the need for felling:

  • the trunk is tilted more than 45 degrees
  • the plant has a tall and thin trunk
  • cracks and hollows or rotten areas are present.

Buildings and structures located at a close distance, electrical communications and engineering networks often greatly limit the area of ​​work. In this case, the preference is most often given to the felling not entirely, but in parts, by hanging and lowering the already cut elements. Such option implies the obligatory involvement of special equipment or anchoring and descent of cut fragments using nearby trees.

After cutting, a stump remains, which is most often removed by uprooting, which allows for a high-quality leveling of the soil surface on the site. To reduce labor costs for such activities, it is recommended to overwhelm trees by chopping down the roots. Such undercutting is performed not directly, but at an angle to the direction of root growth. You need to dig up the roots with a shovel, after removing the bark from the upper part of the roots and tapping the soil, which will reduce the risk of the ax becoming blunt during the felling process.

Felling trees with an ax and a regular saw has been used less and less recently, due to the fact that owners of suburban real estate have electric and chainsaws. Nevertheless, in especially difficult cases, it is advisable to seek help from specialists who, using special equipment, perform such work very quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Usually the question is not only about how to cut a tree, but also how exactly to put it in the right directionso that it does not cause any damage when dropped. We will also tell you in what cases it is possible to do this, and when it is worth looking for other solutions.

Basic tree felling technique

The basic technique of felling trees is simple and consists in making an angular or straight cut with a depth of 1/4 or 1/5 of the trunk diameter on the side where the tree will be felling, after which the main cut is made from the opposite side.

If the tree is erect, and the thickness of the trunk at the base is no more than 15-20 cm, then there are no special wisdom here. But if the tree stands at a slight slope, or the trunk diameter exceeds 20 cm, the process must be treated as responsibly and competently as possible. Otherwise, the tree may fall in an unpredictable direction, even if the cut is made correctly.

What, how and why

Guide chips - this is the half-cut between the main cut and the cut. It is she who allows you to direct the tree with high accuracy in the right direction.

Remember, the chip guide is never finished to the end! Otherwise, the direction of the fall of the tree will become unpredictable. Always leave 10 to 5 cm (or about 10% of the thickness), after which the trunk is pushed in the desired direction.

If the saw bar is shorter than the trunk diameter, the felling cut can be made in several passes.

Push and steer the barrel using a pole, a pre-installed winch or cables longer than the height of the tree. And also with the help of a special lever, wedges or even a jack.

How to cut a sloped tree

An important point! If the slope of the tree does NOT exceed 5-7 ° from the vertical, i.e., for example, the projection of the top point of a 10-meter tree is at a distance of no more than one meter from the center of the future stump, then such a tree can be conventionally considered erect. It is sawn according to the above scheme, but if the roll needs to be made in the opposite direction from the slope, two things should be taken into account:

  1. Remember that after finishing the main cut, you will definitely have to first align the tree in the desired direction, while also having to overcome the resistance of the guide chips. It is displayed, as described above, using cables and other means. Also, the guide chips can help with this if one of its edges is made wider.

  1. The force on the ropes at some point may be too high, therefore it is necessary to use a chain hoist or a winch to prevent backward movement.

If the slope of the tree exceeds 5-7 °, then it is better not to try to dump it in a direction other than its slope, but to resort to other methods (sawing in parts or simply spend time clearing this direction, if possible).

Any specialist knows that felling large and young trees are completely different jobs. But there are nuances to consider in both situations.

How to cut trees in the right direction?

• Requires a size equal to half the diameter of the tree. It can be done from the side of the slope, or from the other side, from which you want to "put" a massive tree

• Creation of a notch from the opposite side and subsequent felling

• When colliding with large trees, make an oblique top cut. Be sure to take into account the cut angle - 60 degrees. When the stem is cut, 1 × 4 parts of the diameter are enough

• It is necessary to make the bottom cut of the notch in a horizontal shape. The notch converges with the upper cut. Thus, we will have a side frame

• We pass to the second horizontal notch (it is higher than the previous one). The cut is made strictly from the other side

• Insert a wedge into the 2nd notch. As soon as finished finished, we take a spatula and cut down a tree.

The best time for such work is from November to December. There is not much snow during these months, but the ground is already frozen. When working with a chainsaw, hold it strictly with both hands, without resting the other hand on a tree!

How to cut down a tree if it is near the house?

If you are a beginner, it is not recommended to perform work on felling trees (especially large ones) near the nearest houses. There are many factors related to a particular tree felling.

• The inclination of the stem must not be allowed to be less than 45 degrees

• The plant will have both a thin and a tall trunk

• There may be rotten areas, cracks, hollows, which can be visually noticeable.

If there are many houses, engineering networks, communications next to the tree, then we will have very little space for work (otherwise, something can be hurt). Therefore, specialists in such circumstances prefer to cut down trees in parts. That is, the element is cut down, suspended, then descended. Such work should not be performed without special equipment and professionalism! The descent of the cut down parts of the tree occurs with the help of other trees located nearby - they are needed to bind the fragments of the tree.

What to do with the tree stump?

To eliminate it, as a rule, uprooting is used. Thus, it will be possible to get rid of the stump without "digging" the soil and leave a flat earth surface. To reduce the time and effort required to fell trees, root cutting is recommended. The procedure is carried out at an angle and strictly to the direction of root growth. Use a shovel to quickly dig up roots. But from the visible part of the roots, you need to remove the bark. It is advisable to tap the soil, otherwise it will be difficult to work with the ax, since it will become dull.

Today, it is extremely rare to use a classic saw, an ax to carry out such work. Because with the help of electrical equipment, the felling of trees can be done much faster. With a tight deadline, it is worth contacting specialists. Since it is possible to carry out the work promptly and as efficiently as possible only with the availability of special equipment and the ability to work with such equipment.

Security measures

Cutting trees, especially large-scale ones, have their own risks. It will not be possible to completely eliminate them, but you can reduce them by knowing the security measures:

• You will need special clothing, reliable safety shoes, special gloves and a construction helmet

• Before working with tools, make sure that they are not damaged, that they will not turn off at the most inopportune moment.

• Some equipment is not designed for continuous work without interruption.

• Due to the wind, the trajectory of the fall of the trunk may change. Therefore, it is worth doing the work in calm weather conditions.

Make sure nothing is blocking progress around the barrel. The workspace must be cleaned, remove all unnecessary overgrowth. In gusty winds, work is not recommended.


Stihl MS 360 standard equipment upon sale:

  • tire
  • saw chain
  • user's manual
  • universal T-shaped wrench (spark plug, tire tightening, screwdriver)
  • separate screwdriver with curved slots
  • plastic cover for the chain.

The complete set may differ from the standard one. Then it includes a tank with branded oil and a measuring tank for preparing the fuel mixture.

Ignition system: spark plug service

If you cannot start the engine, do not immediately run to the service center. Sometimes a malfunction of the spark plug can be the cause of the problem. Let's look at the maintenance and repair technology for this important part.

  • Remove the cap with the power cable and unscrew the candle using a wrench

If the spark plug is dry and clean, then the ignition is in good condition and the breakage should be looked for elsewhere. If the candle is wet, we carry out the following actions:

  • Drying the candle
  • We remove excess fuel from the cylinder. To do this, several times (10-15) we sharply pull the starter handle towards ourselves
  • We twist the candle and start the engine.

If a lot of carbon deposits have formed on the spark plug, this indicates incorrect proportions of the fuel mixture, poor quality oil, or that the carburetor of your Homelite chainsaw needs to be adjusted.

First of all, you need to get rid of carbon deposits:

  • We protect the candle, after that it must be ignited
  • We check the gap between the electrodes, it should be 0.5-0.65 mm
  • We check the condition of the gasket, if necessary, clean or replace it
  • We check the presence of a spark: we put the cap of the power cable on the candle, apply it with a thread to the cylinder and sharply pull the starter handle
  • If there is no spark, we put a new candle. If the spark does not appear in this case, the power cable must be replaced.

I am the owner of the third model of a professional calm chainsaw. The latest acquisition is a professional instrument of the MC-361 series. Everything would be good, but it should be noted that the service life of the piston group parts has significantly decreased over the past 2-3 years. Previously, pistons served for several years, now their resource is limited to 8-10 months.

His father insisted on buying a rather expensive professional saw, and he was right. For several years, not a single serious defect, even the tire does not need to be replaced yet. To sharpen the chain, I bought a special device, it has been verified by practice that in a year the second one will fully pay off its cost. Compact, convenient and reliable machine for relatively little money. There are no complaints about this model, I recommend it.

From my own experience, I was convinced of the high quality of calm chainsaws. I asked a friend for a tool during the installation of a wooden frame. The saw, which has already worked out a significant part of its service life, copes well with transverse and longitudinal, but even with diagonal sawing of dense and viscous wood.
Petr Nikolaevich

Cut Trees

Departure of the master for inspection free of charge!

● Removal (felling, cutting) of difficult trees in parts using modern climbing equipment.
● Cutting trees using an aerial platform.

● Removal of felling residues.

● Clearing of plots, a set of works on cutting down trees, cutting bush, removing stumps and recycling.

● We work throughout the territory of the Smolensk region.

The cutting of trees is carried out by qualified specialists who have undergone special training and have over 4 years of experience.

● We are not intermediaries, we do the work ourselves and are responsible for

● Our pricing policy is as flexible as possible - you can always negotiate!

Removal (felling) of complex trees, in the industrial zone, gardening, summer cottages.

Professional felling of trees in Smolensk and Smolensk region. at affordable prices.

✔ Cut a tree from the ground entirely, using a natural slope.
✔ Cut the whole tree, with a guy.
✔ Sawing a tree in parts, with hanging all the parts to be sawn.

✔ Pruning dangerous dry branches, twigs, crowns.

✔ Removing trees using an aerial platform.

Chainsaw Forza 4500 - model equipment

This amateur power tool is one of the newest members of the Forza lineup. The saw is equipped with several innovative features, including an easy start system, a vibration damping function and a fuel pre-pumping mechanism for smooth start-up in cold weather.

The basis of the chainsaw consists of a powerful gasoline power unit with a chrome-plated cylinder volume of 45 cm 3. The engine is equipped with a collapsible 2-section crankshaft, a forged piston with one standard and one additional ring, and a high-precision carburetor with spring-loaded adjusting screws.

For the continuous connection of the internal combustion engine and the cutting bodies in the proprietary design of this gasoline tool of the Forza line, there is a durable clutch consisting of an all-metal drum, reinforced metal springs and a 6-tooth drive sprocket.

The options for this modification of the Forza brand include:

  • internal combustion engine power - 3 liters. from.
  • fuel / oil tank - 560/300 ml
  • bar length / chain pitch - 35 cm / 0.325 ″
  • weight with headset and filled tanks - 6.85 kg.

The Forza 4500 chainsaw is additionally equipped with an effective mechanical brake, which can be turned on and off using a separate standard lever.

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