Garden Treasures: Where To Hunt Down Garden Treasures And How To Use Them

Looking for some interesting ideas for decorating your home or garden? Want to save a little money at the same time? Go treasure hunting. There is potential to be found in even the most unlikely of objects. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, interesting treasures are waiting to be discovered and transformed into decorative art for homes and gardens.

Where to Hunt Down Garden Treasures

Where to hunt down garden treasures, you ask? Start by scouring flea markets. Stop by a yard sale or two on the way home or pay a visit to the thrift store. There is sure to be a treasure of some sort waiting to be found among the numerous items on display. And if you’re lucky enough, you may even come across a load of free stuff.

Alternatively, you can go treasure hunting in an abandoned barn or other similar structure, but be sure to ask the owner of the property first. (An old barn still belongs to somebody, and removing items without permission is theft.) I remember exploring the outbuildings on the property of our new home. Not only can this be exciting, but there are many garden treasures, indoors and out, that can be found here. Then again, don’t overlook your attic (or a family member’s) for additional treasures. If you’re adventurous enough, a junkyard can also be a good source for unexpected garden treasure decor.

Using Garden Treasures Indoors and Out

Now that you know where to hunt down garden treasures, how will they be used? This, of course, depends on what you want to decorate, what treasure you have found, and how much creativity you are willing to put into it. Nearly anything can be used as decorative art for homes and gardens.

Don’t overlook little items. Small touches can add big appeal. An old planter can be fixed up to house washcloths and soaps in the bathroom or for displaying beautiful plants in the garden. Even slightly damaged items can be used for something. Turn a chipped bowl into a lovely planter or a pleasing, aromatic centerpiece filled with potpourri.

Dress up shelves or garden edges with a collection of old bottles. Likewise, you could fill some of these bottles with water and add cuttings of your favorite flowers. Use an old drawer, cabinet or bottle carton to display interesting knick-knacks. These can also be used as interesting garden treaure decor by throwing on some paint and adding a plant or two.

I love artwork, and there are many artwork treasures waiting to be used as decorative art for homes and gardens–from old signs to books and magazine covers. All of these can be used for creative displays that fit nearly any style. For example, thumb through a few old books until you find something that fits your decorating scheme, including pictures of favorite garden plants. These can even be decoupaged onto outdoor garden furniture for the patio.

If you collect something specific, use these as well. Let everyone enjoy your garden treasure decor by placing them throughout the home and garden. This is a great way to display the items that mean the most to you while allowing others to delight in them as well. In the garden, try placing items of interest in repetition, making sure they complement one another as well as the garden surroundings.

There are numerous treasures that can be used to decorate your home and garden. Depending on your particular tastes, looking for garden treasures indoors and out has never been easier, or cheaper. Have fun and let the hunting begin!

This unique pond is not only easy to make but also gives your backyard an interesting water feature. Using a stock tank, a fully functional ecosystem is put into place with this DIY pond. Plants and animals both contribute to the delicate balance and beauty that this pond brings. It is simple to make and can be enjoyed with little maintenance.


  • Little and often helps to keep a green wall maintained and looking good.
  • Pick off dead leaves and replace dead or damaged plants as needed.
  • Trim back larger plants, especially those that may be smothering smaller ones.
  • Check for pests and disease.
  • Most importantly, keep an eye on the irrigation and feeding system as plants can suffer quickly if this fails – particularly in hot weather

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