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We often find fruit plants in our gardens, thanks to their fruits and flowers they embellish them with beautiful and lively colors. These plants, in addition to providing us with very good edible fruits, are also very useful as a shelter during the sultry summer days, they create more or less large shaded areas where we can relax in peace. Like any type of plant, these also have specific needs regarding the soil, climate, water supply, fertilization, various operations such as pruning etc., to obtain robust and healthy plants and abundant and tasty fruits. we will therefore have to inform ourselves about the right behaviors to adopt. Pruning, for example, is very important for regulating the vegetative and productive balance; this fundamental operation can be divided into training pruning, ... continue

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continue ..., production, renewal, curative, topiary. Depending on the type of plant we will have a specific type and period of pruning: the apple tree, for example, can only be pruned for renewal and rejuvenation, the apricot tree will be pruned more when young, for a renewal action, the peach tree is massively pruned to renew the branches and so on.

If we do not have much space available, today we can find on the market dwarf fruit plants in pots, many suitable for terraces or balconies that provide fruit of equal size and taste. This type of plant reaches a maximum height of two meters, has an abundant flowering in spring, the fruit is harvested in summer and the leaves have particular colors during the autumn period. The dwarf fruit plants in pots are many, you can choose between persimmon, plum, kiwi, apple, pear, cherry, almond, fig, apricot, quince, peach and many others. Of course, before choosing the plant we like best, we should inform ourselves about the various needs and care needed by the plant; some species, for example, such as kiwi, plum, persimmon etc. they grow in any type of climate, the quince, cherry, pear and apple trees prefer a cold climate, fig, almond and apricot like a temperate climate and others grow better where there is a warm climate. We will surely have a favorite plant, which we have always wanted to grow on our terrace or balcony, which gives us delicately scented and colored flowers and very good fruits, but before going where our heart takes us, we will have to pay attention to the area in which we live, whether it is favorable or not to the cultivation of our plant.

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