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This blog was first published on Forests News. Healing the heavily forested landscapes of the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC in the aftermath of devastating wars that ended in has been a slow process, just one of many systemic scars under repair amid ongoing post-conflict skirmishes. War has contributed to landscape degradation through subsistence agricultural activities, unregulated wildlife hunting, livestock grazing, fuelwood gathering and massive refugee camps. As an uneasy truce settled on the country, there were only six qualified people with post-graduate degrees to manage the vast landscape in the nation of more than 80 million people.

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How To Kill a Tree Stump (2021 Guide)

The low wharves ground had gone barren for the needs of the harbour. Then the activity withdrew, leaving a vast abandoned territory, and a partly polluted soil. The recapture of this territory allowed riverside residents to re-appropriate a vast stretch available in the city centre, and to regain proximity to the river.

A substantial provision in topsoil has also made it possible to reconstitute fertile earth. Trees take advantage of long linear plantation pits which favors their development. Seating tiers allow for approaching water.

This riparian meadow is punctuated by loungers and willows that provide shade in summer. The vocabulary echoes the industrial past of the port: the old railway line is preserved and converted into a secondary path, a network of salvage cobblestones pathways criss-cross the site.

The meadow is the place of all uses : idleness, ball games, picnic, solarium… but also cultural or sporting events. This sequence proposes a more shaded and vegetal space. Urban games: volleyball, basketball and football fields are disseminated between apple orchards, planted in bins like stored containers. Lines on the ground draw games : labyrinth, bike and rollerblade courses… In the middle of the meadow, the large jetty borrows an industrial vocabulary and gives access to the quayside, offering views on the opposite bank.

The particularity of this landscaping project also lies in the very close partnership that has been developed over time with the project owner, technical services and users. Multiple new uses have developed and these renewed quays now host multiple events. This vast set of hybrid public spaces of nearly 6 hectares combines a port, an esplanade, a park and a promenade on a city scale. Simple and supple routes, an abundance of plants and the space left to free and open areas will allow an evolution over time.

In Rouen, the low quays of the left bank have become a lively place and a formidable space of freedom again. Landezine International Landscape Award. Rouen, Banks of the Seine. In Situ — Paysages et Urbanisme. See Landezine's product catalogue. All rights reserved. All photos, plans and renders of projects on Landezine are property of a photographer or landscape architects mentioned within a specific project presentation. Developer: proxima. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook.

Landezine Newsletter

A typical type of cultural infrastructure supporting the city and the daily lives of people, has been constantly developed to keep up with socio-cultural needs of the contemporary society. The objecive of a library is to promote easier accessibility to knowledge, and support tighter relationship between the users. This humble yet iconic typology is a new channel that interlaces the city, the landscape, the library and the people, which will inject vibrant public spaces to the city of Songdo. We envision the Songdo Central Library to define a new realm of public library where various breadth of bookshelves, forests, and gardens are embracing the architecture. This also implies while libraries of the past have a one-directional flow of knowledge, the future library will encourage information sharing within interactions of people, and connection with media.

Fresh cut gass in neighborhood · Front Yard showcasing landscaping · Rock lined driveway with mailbox on curb · Field of fresh mowed lawn · Criss Cross.

Richfield Springs NY Landscape Maintenance

Brian Boss: Zachary Boss:Boss Landscape is locally owned and operated landscaping contractor serving Richfield Springs, NY, Cooperstown, NY, and Surrounding Areas with residential and commercial lawn maintenance and installation services. Our landscapers are dedicated to providing quick, reliable, and professional services for any of your home or business needs. From routine lawn mowing and tree trimming, to Spring and Fall yard cleanups, to snow removal, we do it all. Call today for a free estimate! As a family owned and operated business, Boss Landscape has over 20 years of experience serving homeowners throughout the Greater Richfield Springs, NY Area. We provide landscaping services for jobs large and small. Our fleet of landscape equipment and tools from leading manufacturers includes Stihl, Cub Cadet, and Ferris. Trust our skilled landscapers at Boss Landscape to keep your yard looking great all year round. Whether you need landscape mulch delivery, mowing, minor grading or leaf removal service, rely on our experts for a job well done every time.

Criss Cross Driveways

May 3, Uncategorized Landscaping Blogs. Ever since the colonial era, basements throughout the Main Line have suffered from flooding. Penn Valley, Radnor, and Wynnewood have been hit especially hard throughout the years. Thankfully, the topography of the area limits the severity of flooding hazards, so we never find ourselves encountering disasters like those seen in coastal regions or along major rivers like the Mississippi.

Visitors are invited to follow in Watkins' footsteps to celebrate his intriguing discovery.

The Common Beech Tree (Fagus Sylvatica)

Posted in Landscaping. Fertilizer can help revive your lawn and replenish necessary nutrients that have been depleted over time. However, too much fertilizer can actually harm your plants and even run off into our streams and rivers and damage the natural ecosystems. The team here Chris James Landscaping put together this guide so you know how to fertilize your lawn in the New Jersey area. If fertilizer helps your lawn out then you might be tempted to use more of it.

The Lowdown on Root Care

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in. Sign up. Criss Cross Driveways.

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Commercial Landscaping in Atlanta: Overwhelmed with Copious Amounts of Clay?

It provides spectacular scenery whenever you look out your window, a comfortable place to sit in the Summer, and is evidence of all your hard work in the garden. One of the best ways to elevate the look of your your lawn is to add tramlines. This is a technique used by many gardeners to add stripes to your garden, and is most commonly used by professional sports teams to improve the aesthetic of a pitch.

Chris Cross Landscaping Design Inc - Stoney Creek Contractor

About our clients, specifically, I wrote:. And while Chris and I had attended the previous year, our newer teammates Pete, Pamela and Emmett were first timers inBut in inbound marketing, the work we do really comes down to one thing: compelling writing. In the past, all that great content has been written by talented contractors all over the country who are masters of the written word and the green industry!

Soil in the Southeast, especially in the Atlanta area, is full of clay. Clay-rich soil is notoriously alkaline, dense and tacky, which can mean a great deal of trouble for those hoping to work the land.

Chris Cross Landscaping & Design

But there is no plan surviving or record of a visit. Despite the lack of evidence the garden is very much in the English Landscape style. The mansion was completed in and landscaping the valley below was being carried out as it was being built. The first layout was quite formal as can be seen in the Walker engraving datedFormal hedges framed a view which was focused on a circular pool about half way down the hill.

For us, roots are the intangible link that tethers us to our families, or to the Earth. For trees and plants, however, that link is completely tangible. Roots are the complex system that allow trees and plants the stability to grow and thrive in their environment. With a deficient root system, the plant will not become bigger or stronger, it will simply fail.

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