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Tephritid fruit flies are among the most destructive horticultural pests posing risks to Australia's multi-billion-dollar horticulture industry. Currently, there are 11 pest fruit fly species of economic concern in Australia. Of these, nine are native to this continent Bactrocera aquilonis, B. To varying degrees these species are costly to Australia's horticulture through in-farm management, monitoring to demonstrate pest freedom, quarantine and trade restrictions, and crop losses. Here, we used a common species distribution model, Maxent, to assess climate suitability for these 11 species under baseline and future climate scenarios for Australia.

  • Mango collection to start in Natore from May 20
  • Urban nurseries boom amid decaying greens in Dhaka
  • Horticulture International Journal
  • Horticultural Centre Sobhanbag
  • Horticulture Centre হরটিকালচার সেন্টার
  • Economy of Bangladesh
  • Company: Horticulture Center, Comilla, Bangladesh
  • Impacts of climate change on high priority fruit fly species in Australia
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Mango collection to start in Natore from May 20

Click here to read the report. I have received a stipend from the Government that gives me hope and encouragement continue my education. Additionally, I know how to make informed migration decisions. I thank the Prottasha project for arranging the school programme and making students aware of safe migration. Read More. When Faruk returned to his home in Khulna district, he became despondent when faced with accumulating debt and no job opportunities.

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Click here to learn more. Click here for detail. North Aceh, Indonesia — After more than seven months stranded at sea under increasingly dire conditions, the largest group of Rohingya refugees to arrive in Indonesia since the Dhaka — The International Organization for Migration on Wednesday launched its flagship World Migration Report which reveals a dramatic increase in Tweets by IOMBangladesh. To date, Rohingya refugees and host community members engaged in the programme have produced over one million masks which IOM teams distributed to beneficiaries and partners.

More than media reports were published on the return, which are below. Media Coverage Links. Featuring popular singers from home and abroad, the concert has reached more than 3. In between performing a range of popular songs, the celebrities spoke on the importance of informed migration decisions contributing to regular, safe, and orderly migration, sustainable reintegration as well as migration governance. Skip to main content. More News. Monthly Update OctoberProttasha Monthly Update SeptemberA journey from frustration to confidence "I am grateful for the counselling assistance that has helped me become more self-assured and confident.

Prottasha's School Programme gives hope to students "I had no idea about the stipend that the

Urban nurseries boom amid decaying greens in Dhaka

Abul Hasnat M. He supervised 12 MS students in the field of horticultural science and medicinal plant production. He has twenty two international publications and he has societal membership of over ten organizations. He is a reviewer, editorial board member of many scientific journals. Solaiman research was focused on the effect of partially ultra-violet blocking film on the growth pigmentation disease and insect control of some horticultural crop of Bangladesh; He has been working as safe farming specialist and next generation agricultural farming in the country.

Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka. August, Prepared by. BARI - CORNELL UNIVERSITY- UC DAVIS - SATHGURU. Prepared for. Horticulture.

Horticulture International Journal

Need Help? Toggle navigation. Introduction :. Test The Department of Agricultural Marketing DAM of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh has undertaken an e-government initiative that would utilize the power of ICT to develop and disseminate critical agricultural market information to farmers, traders, government, policy makers, development agencies and other stakeholders. The initiative also attempts at developing the capacity of the DAM head office in Dhaka to consolidate and coordinate dissemination of the information to government, farmers, and other stakeholders. Objective :. This is another sentence to demonstrate the "read more". The text will expand and contract as needed. Here is another sentence to make the text longer. This sentence will not appear with the original text.

Horticultural Centre Sobhanbag

Singh Director, Principal Scientist Email : director[at]iari[dot]res[dot]in, aksingh[at]iari[dot]res[dot]in Phone : , , Specialisation: Rice Genetics, Breeding, Molecular Genetics, Basmati rice improvement Division : Genetics. Dr Mrs Aditi Kundu Sr. Scientist Email : aditi[at]iari[dot]res[dot]in Phone : Specialisation: Development of agrochemicals Division : Agricultural Chemicals. Mr Aditya K.

At SAARC Agro, we want to make sure that people have access to organic food which will directly reflect on the health and well being of people. We want to make sure that natural and organic activities can ensure that food retains its nutritional value which is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the right access to food which is better for your overall health.

Horticulture Centre হরটিকালচার সেন্টার

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Economy of Bangladesh

Our Correspondent Published: July 29,In addition to mango, avocado might also emerge as a prominent fruit with numerous health benefits in the districts in near future, said officials at the Horticulture Centre and the Department of Agriculture in Rajshahi. According to agro-scientists at the Regional Horticulture Centre, Rajshahi, the American-bred fruit has matchless taste and nutrients. Since avocado has a good demand and high price in the local market, farmers are being gradually interested to cultivate it. Local agriculture office sources said steps have already been taken for expansion of commercial cultivation of avocado. Zahurul Islam, Germplasm officer of the Horticulture Centre in Chapainawabganj, said the seed of avocado had been brought from America some 12 years ago and had been sowed at the Germplasm Centre in the district. Later after a research of six years, scientists became successful in producing avocado at the centre four years back.

Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT), Dhaka , Askham Bryan College, York , Asklepios Fachklinikum.

Company: Horticulture Center, Comilla, Bangladesh

Heavy downpour in the past few weeks has brought many problems for the government-run Horticulture Centre in Savar's Rajalakh, an institution that has been instrumental for widespread tree plantation in the area. The centre provides saplings at low prices to encourage people to plant and grow trees. However, due to heavy water logging after rain, the mother plants at the nursery are dying.

Impacts of climate change on high priority fruit fly species in Australia

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Kishoreganj Horticulture Center has turned into a big place of hope for the farmers and tree lovers of Kishoreganj. The Horticulture Center have won the hearts of all with faith and trust. Many farmers of the area have been supported by the Horticulture Center with hundreds of local and foreign fruits, flowers and seedlings of medicinal plants at low prices. The center has been known to the people of the area for many years.

Decades ago on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh East Pakistan as it was then known Mohammed Kashani would often be found tending his quarter-acre garden. Teaming with fruit trees and vegetables, the small plot of land kept his young family comfortably satisfied throughout the year and he looks back on the peace he found working the soil there with fond reminiscence.

The relative newcomer dragon fruit shows hope and promise for the people in Bangladesh's hill districts. Originally from Mexico and nowadays common in Southeast Asia and China, the fruit is being cultivated in the hills of Bandarban. Dragon saplings grow with the support of poles and require less irrigation. With proper care, growers in the hill district are getting expected yields. Toyo cultivated dragon fruits on 50 decimals of land on a hillslope. He planted trees three years back. Following instructions of horticulture centre officials, the farmers took proper care of the dragon trees.

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